Poster art by Paul Gerben (

SWIPED (co-written and produced by Lauren) is a surrealist short film. It takes place in the confines of a dream world, a representation of today's complacency and our servitude to digital addiction. It is the brainchild of Deranda Productions, co-founded by Lauren and fellow Long Island native Billy Kay (

We follow Guy (our archetypal "Everyman") through what at first appears to be his normal day --- until, throughout his exodus, he peels away the layers of pleasantries and modern technological propaganda tactics to reveal the "sheeple" he/we unwittingly are becoming.

SWIPED is currently in post-production. Check in for updates here, or on SWIPED's OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE.

On-set candid of actress Stefanie Estes shooting Swiped, August 2016